About us

We are trusted partner for the managing end to end of complex projects, ranging from production to commercialization of APIs (generics, complex to makes generics and peptide) as well as ethical pharmaceutical products. Manufacturing processes are in line with  the quality standards laid down by the main regulatory authorities. We fully respect the environment and protect the safety of everyone. We have set up an in-house system that ensures safety at work and boosts the company’s competitiveness. Competitiveness is also achieved thanks to the commitment, expertise and creativity of our people who generate value and innovation on a daily basis, reaching defined targets. Progress is not achieved alone, but by the spirit of the team.


  • 1973
    The first plant is set up in Patrica (Italy).
  • 1984
    CHEMI S.p.A. is taken over by Italfarmaco, thus becoming a controlled company involved in the production and marketing of proprietary active ingredients and starting materials.
  • 1996
    A group of specialized experts initiate CHEMI’s activity in the PEPTIDES area, adding another production technology to those already applied.
  • 2000
    ITF Chemical Ltda, a chemical production plant situated at Camaçari in Brazil, is acquired.
  • 2017
    After several years of commitment by CHEMI to design and build the plant, CHEMI Pharma Malta receives official authorization from the Maltese authority to manufacture liquid and freeze-dried cytotoxic products for injection, thus implementing vertical integration.

Our mission

Each and every success is the result of our unique, consolidated approach based on principles and behaviors that make the difference. Our values are clear and we defend them with coherence, courage and determination. We are always ready to tackle all projects, even the most challenging and innovative.

Valori e comportamenti

Values What

01 Ho Honesty
Work ethically and let the problems emerge.
02 Hu Humility
Results are obtained gradually and require effort.
03 Re Respect
Listen to others and give them feedback.
04 Lo Loyalty
Be committed to making the company goals your own.

Behaviors How

01 Am Ambition
Never give up and adopt a creative and proactive attitude to challenge the status quo.
02 Ac Accountability
Make trustworthy and reliable decisions. This will increase our credibility and sense of belonging.
03 Fo Focus
Whatever the project, never lose sight of the company’s values.
04 In Innovation
Think differently and always create new solutions.