Cytotoxic APIs

A dedicated team

In 2011, ITF CHEMICAL finished building a physically isolated area completely dedicated to the production of cytotoxic APIs. Our team of professionals can manufacture cytotoxic APIs, offering full support, promptness and competitive costs. ITF CHEMICAL is the ideal partner for transferring processes developed in R&D for the production of both generic and customized products onto an industrial scale.

Research and innovation

In order to stay at the forefront of research and development, CHEMI has decided to dedicate its resources to cytotoxic APIs as well. For this reason, we are a reliable partner for the elaboration of projects in this field.


ITF Chemical
Manufacturer of APIs, such as:

- Cytotoxic APIs.
- Generic APIs.
- Complex generic APIs.


- Inspected regularly by the ANVISA and US FDA.
- Accredited by European regulatory authorities and the Japanese authority.