Development and production of peptides

The main commitment of CHEMI Peptides is to do everything necessary to produce peptides, whether they are manufactured by the company itself and destined for sale on the “drug delivery system” market, or the result of an optimization process and transfer of new and generic peptides to an industrial scale. Our commitment is to do all what is necessary to find a suitable solution to any customer need, reducing costs and realization time.

Many years of experience

CHEMI Peptides has consolidated experience in the liquid-phase synthesis of peptides and in the use of a unique know-how for purifying the peptides. HPDC (High Performance Displacement Chromatography) ensures effective purification, reducing the consumption of the stationary phase and solvents.
The maximum size of the batch of peptide depends on its chemical characteristics. CHEMI can manufacture any type of medium-sized peptides (up to 40 residues) by producing small initial-phase batches of up to 1 kg (Cinisello plant), up to multi-kg batches (Patrica plant).


Cinisello (Milano)
Manufacturer of peptide APIs:

The Cinisello site is dedicated to the development and small-scale production of peptides (up to 1 kg).


The site is inspected regularly by the AIFA and US FDA.
Several peptide APIs and their manufacturing processes have been approved both by the European regulatory authority (EMA) and by the Japanese authority (PMDA - Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency).

Patrica (Frosinone)

The Patrica site is dedicated to the production of peptides in a scale of up to 6 times that of Cinisello.


- Accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Health (PMDA).
- Authorized by the AIFA.
- Inspected by the US FDA since 1985.