Chemi: your supplier of choice for the lipidic components

Phospholipids are natural components, with manifold physiological functions for the cells’ life and for protecting organisms from harsh environments.
Phospholipids find applications ranging from nutraceuticals to pharmaceuticals area, with a renovated interest as:
- dietary supplements, recommended also for healthy people as a prevention to stay healthy, thanks to their low toxicity profile they are suitable for several type of administration.
- essential components of pharmaceutical technologies, mainly in mRNA-based vaccines.

High purity pharmaceutical grade, large scale production.

 CHEMI has always been in the Phospholipids arena, manufacturing today high purity pharmaceutical grade phospholipids in large scale capacity.
Production is carried out in Chemi Italian facility FDA-inspected since 1985.
The final application can be both in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields.
The CHEMI phospholipid platform born for the L-ALPHA-GPC’s production starting from natural source. L-ALPHA-GPC is the starting building block for manufacturing pharmaceutical-grade phospholipids at commercial scale.
CHEMI PLs portfolio is suitable to support pharmaceutical projects, offering:

- 16 phospholipids at industrial scale, 9 of which with DMF filed at FDA.
- One cationic lipid (DOTAP chloride).
- Any additional “ad hoc" PLS manufactured on partner's request.
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Chemi S.p.a
Manufacturer of Phospholipids:

Patrica site is dedicated to Phospholipid manufacturing at industrial scale with batch size 100-150 Kg.


- Authorized by the AIFA.
- Inspected by the US FDA since 1985.
- Accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Health (PMDA).