Cytotoxic Drug Products

High-level production

With its know-how and state-of-the-art plant, CHEMI Pharma Malta is presented as a new site on the CMO panorama dedicated to the production of liquid and freeze-dried cytotoxic drug products, at competitive costs and with highly competitive offers versus the market.

Tailor-made service for every customer’s needs

CHEMI Pharma offers a complete contract manufacturing service with an ad hoc program for every customer. It ensures a high level of flexibility capable of meeting the needs and reaching the standards required. Customized development, a complete analytical service and support for the development and implementation of the process are just a few of the services offered. All this has enabled CHEMI Pharma to establish itself as leader in the world of finished oncology drugs.

FDA and EMA have certified the company’s compliance with commercial production, the integrity of data and the commitment of CHEMI Pharma Malta to quality in the pharmaceutical development of freeze-dried and liquid oncology drug products.


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical drug products:

- Liquid cytotoxic products for injection.
- Freeze-dried cytotoxic products for injection.


- Approved by the Maltese Regulatory Agency.
- Approved by the US FDA.